Bethany Cote(non-registered)
Your photography is genuinely some of the best I have seen. You have a unique way of capturing special moments.
Andrew Boyer(non-registered)
An excellent site from a most excellent eye. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Ty Gehle aka Deacon Around(non-registered)
Some groovy pics. I like the goat dude. Need to take some time to really digest some of your art before I give you a full opinion. Nice work though, keep at it.
Brad McDaniel(non-registered)
Just absolutely brilliant work Emily, you really have a natural talent for capturing a moment in all it's beauty. Very inspirational work, and for everyone you have done work for you have forever touched their lives, to capture memories and moments like you do is priceless. Great work!!
Ryan Steiner(non-registered)
Love your site. I was doing some research on online portfolios for college, and was bowled over by the simplicity and good design of your site. If I am ever in need, I will remember your name, or at least your website!
Pepper Allen(non-registered)
Your eye for a "shot" is amazing, and your talent is so versatile. Thank you for sharing your art with the world!
Matt UpDoger Worman(non-registered)
LOVE the site! This is some amazing Talent!
Michael Mc(non-registered)
Very impressed with your work. looking forward to a joint venture
Melissa Prichard(non-registered)
Becoming a FAN!!!! Love all your work!
Can't wait to do Paige's studio shots!!!!!!
Patricia C. ----- Wal-Mart(non-registered)
EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work is amazing! Thank you for sharing
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