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I have a camera that has been converted into an Infrared only camera. One of my most favorite things to do is to go out to someplace beautiful and shoot the scenery. If you have a place in mind that you feel would be an excellent location for this type of photography, please contact me about it.
Trees in the SpringPeach Tree BlossomsLightning StruckPretty BranchesA different view on the Oak TreeA Secret Place to Which I was Shown. The One Who Discovered it No Longer Exists.The Walkway at the LakeThe WalkwayIvyThe Secret Covered PassageThe Walkway Through the TreesInfrared BeautyBeautifal Entrance to the WonderlandBricksLightning Struck in InfraredPeach Tree Blossoms in InfraredInfrared BlossomsPetals after a Light RainAnother version of The Walkway at the LakeBeautiful Place